Munching away on Post's Sesame Street Cereal

Another BzzAgent request to review a new product – this time Post’s Sesame Street cereal for toddlers! Post’s Sesame Street cereal currently comes in two yummy flavors: Elmo Apple and Cookie Monster Banana. It is shaped in alphabet letters “X” and “O”. Nutritionally it:
  • Provides 2/3 of your toddler’s daily whole grain           
  • 12 essential vitamins and minerals for healthy diet
  • Supports healthy brain development
  • Has no artificial flavors
  • Low in sugar
Being that my little Hunter is still too small to munch, I decided to test it on my 3 year old nephew. It didn’t take long for my nephew to set his eyes on the two cute boxes of Elmo and Cookie Monster before ripping a box apart out of excitement.  I guess by default, he has agreed to be the product tester of Post’s new Sesame Street cereal!   

Sure enough, my nephew LOVED the Elmo and Cookie Monster box design as well as the taste of the cereal because he skipped dinner that night and continued to munch away.
So here are my thoughts:
·       Great choice of box design – Elmo and Cookie Monster appeal to kids’ favorite. I remembered when I was a kid, I chose cereal simply by the appeal of the boxes and the toys that came within. We let the parents worry about the nutritional value.
·       The cereal is very nutritious and healthy for growing children.
·       Great taste and shape – We eventually had to snatch the box off my nephew!

·       Currently Post’s Sesame Street cereal comes only in apple and banana flavor, hopefully there will be more flavors soon.
·       The shape of the cereal comes only in the alphabet letters of “X” and “O”. It would be ideal if the shape comes in all 26 letters of the alphabet. That way, toddlers can learn the alphabets while munching away in glory.

Well, that’s about it! Now go out and grab boxes of Post’s Sesame Street Cereal for your little ones to enjoy!

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