Search for a good night sleep - Baby Delight's Snuggle Nest

Since little Hunter was born this past Christmas Eve 2012, he has been wanting to stay close to us. Like any new clueless parents, we got suckered into cradling him to sleep in our arms and chest the moment he came home from the hospital. Every little whimper we heard, we immediately ran to his rescue. Friends and family members and have advised us countless times to let little Hunter cry it out, but we ignored cause our hearts couldn’t bear the little cries that sounded like piglets getting slaughtered.

Fast forward 7 weeks later, my hubby and I have become walking zombies day and night and have possibly aged 20 years and beyond because little Hunter still refuses to sleep unless he is held. Fearing SIDS, we would overfeed him, wait for him to sleep, and transport him to his bassinet, only to find that he would wake up immediately and cry again. We tried everything – playing white noise through musical stuff animals (which made me fall asleep faster than little Hunter!), keeping little Hunter awake for hours before to overly exhaust him, to even holding the hairdryer on, risking fire, while asleep on the bed. His sleeps lasted anywhere from only half hour to an hour max if we were lucky. Turns out little Hunter would sleep longest if he was placed on a pillow between my hubby and I. But then we both would not get good sleep because subconsciously we are terrified of rolling over little Hunter. 

Our original homemade co-sleeper
As a last resort, we ran to Toys R Us to purchase the Baby Delight’s Snuggle Nest Surround, a portable infant co-sleeper, in hopes this would be the answer to our prayers for sleep. We were reluctant to buy at first because it was quite expensive ($60), but we caved in anyway because one could never put a price on good sleep...not to mention, we were desperate.

My Description…
So here is a quick description of the Snuggle Nest Surround - the top and bottom ends of the co-sleeper are supported by plastic shields to surround and protect the baby while the left and right side barriers are made of only air mesh. The padded mattress is quite spacious as the co-sleeper is tailored for 0-4 months old. It even comes with an attachable music and night light device and can fold in half to be more compact.
Little Hunter in Snuggle Nest Surround
 My Thoughts…
According to the manual, the Snuggle Nest Surround was created by a mom who practiced co-sleeping with her infants. Though the theory behind it sounds great, my hubby and I were rather disappointed with the Snuggle Nest Surround for two reasons: 

1.) The most important sides of this co-sleeper, being the left and right, are made of only air mesh. It is not supported by plastic shields to prevent parents from rolling over the baby when sound asleep. Having air mesh walls is great to prevent babies from curling to the sides and stop breathing, but inserting plastic shields with holes within the air mesh walls will make the product even better as it will give us the security we were looking for in the first place when considering buying a co-sleeper. 

2.) The left and right side barriers, as it is currently designed with air mesh, are only 4 inches high. Being that my hubby and I are notorious for rolling around occasionally when fast asleep, 4 inches high is definitely not enough to prevent us to block us from rolling over little Hunter.

Little Hunter sound asleep next to his Daddy

My Recommendation…
What would be recommended is a redesign of the Snuggle Nest Surround, one where the entire walls of the nest are supported by plastic shields much higher than 4 inches, sort of like an open cage for the baby. That way, parents for sure will not roll over their babies when sound asleep and will indeed get a good night of rest.
For us, we’re back to square one with little Hunter...Bummer!

LilyRoseBee was not in anyway compensated for this review. All opinions are honest and of my own.


  1. Aw - too bad! I was sooo hoping for a good review on this one. I'm still looking for something similar to this. I hope you find something!

    Angela Rhodes
    nofearpapertiger AT

  2. Yes! I like co-sleeping with a tiny baby like this.

  3. i need something like this one...hope i have better luck finding one.

  4. Definitely think this is a great idea for little ones when co-sleeping!

  5. We use a contoured changing pad between us - it's magic!