Cool Giveaways from TootScoot, BabyPolarGear, and Nuby!

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Happy Easter! Please help support my mommyblog by "liking" my facebook fanpage If I can get up to 150 facebook "likes" by end of next Friday, I will be hosting exciting giveaways from TootScoot, Nuby, and Baby Polar Gear! Three great companies with REALLY AWESOME products and giveaways! Thank you sooo much! Big hugs from Poppyseed!

Baby Polar Gear - The Nuzzler Polartec Car Seat Cover

TootScoot Bike

Nuby Bedlite Buddies

Who Needs Daycare When You Can Use A Pineapple??

During my trip in Mexico, I saw this child leashed to a pineapple while his mom sold goods beside him to passing cars. Pineapple is so heavy that the child sure enough couldn't run away.

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Nuby's Bedlite Buddies Review and Giveaway!

Today I am doing a review of the Nuby’s Glo-Pals Bedlite Buddies turtle that I graciously received from the Nuby Mommy Blogger program! The Bedlite Buddies are soft and cuddly stuff animals whose faces glow and lullaby songs are played when their tummies are pressed. There are three adorable characters to choose from – a bee, a turtle, and a froggy. Each plays sweet lullaby songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Are You Sleeping?, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Hush Little Baby and more.  The sound is very soothing and gentle to our ears. The face is made of BPA free plastic, so no worries if your child puts it in his/her mouth.

NYC Egg Hunting Extravanganza (March 23 - 31)

Easter is near and that means the start of fun celebration events for you and your family to attend! If you are in the New York City area, New York Family searched the city high and dry and found at least a dozen of Easter celebration events going on this week till March 31. Activities include egg hunting with Clifford the Big Red Dog, baking your own bunny cupcakes, story telling, and more! Don't miss out on the fun celebration!
Click for more information



Spring is finally here and TGIF! Thank you folks for visiting and supporting my new mommy blog! It's been a great first week since it had been launched! Enjoy your weekend!

Nuby's Bottle Drying Rack Review - No More Wasted Countertop Space!

If you are like most moms, owning one, two, or even three baby bottles is not enough. I have a three month old baby and already I have seven feeding and breast pump baby bottles actively in use, and a dozen more stored away, because I don’t often sterilize them instantly. Hence a good and reliable baby bottle drying rack is a MUST!  I have been on a search for a great drying rack to store my baby bottles, pacifiers, and breast pump accessories. I can safely say, having had the honors to test out the Nuby Bottle Drying Rack through the Nuby Mommy Blogger program, my quest is finally over!

I'm a Nuby Mommyblogger! Woot! Woot!

Awesome news!!! I've been a great fan of Nuby baby products and now they have selected me to become one of their honorary Mommybloggers! Yippeeeee!

Look at all the wonderful products they have sent me so far to review. If I can get enough likes from you folks on my Facebook fanpage,, I will be hosting a giveaway! Please also comment which is your favorite. The Nuby item with the greatest amount of votes will be chosen for the giveaway!

BzzAgent Review of Garnier's Hydra Recharge Hair Kit

BzzAgent sent me another fun product to review. This time the Garnier Hydra Recharge kit which comes with a fortifying shampoo, conditioner, and 1 minute moisture-plenish treatment for dry hair. It is the very 1st shampoo with encapsulated beads of superfruit goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi for long lasting weightless hydration.
My hair has always been wavy, dry and frizzy. Even more so after childbirth and breastfeeding which takes a toll on my body's nutrients.I also use a straightener daily which severely damages my hair. As such I could never keep my hair as long as I would like because of the massive amount of split ends I get. It’s hard to find a great shampoo that can recharge my dry and course hair with a blast of long lasting moisture.

Poppyseed the Jokester!

Today, I woke up and got back into the grove of wearing my new fashionista clothes because spring is almost here. Then little Poppyseed, with a mind of his own, decides to pee on me...seriously?? Strangely I was overjoyed about it because the last time little Poppyseed did so was almost 3 months ago when he was a newborn. I was afraid he was growing up too fast. As for the stained fashionista gear, who am I kidding? Straight back to worn out leggings and hoodie sweaters with spits on my shoulder. This is where I truly belong now. =)

2013 Baby Expos - Must Attend Events For New and Expectant Parents!

If you are a new and clueless mommy like I am, one great and really fun way to explore the latest and greatest baby product inventions and to get priceless information about parenting is to attend baby expos events. You get to meet experienced professionals, product demonstrations, attend educational seminars, sample products, play games, and more!

Here are two upcoming baby expos event that I won’t miss for the world:

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower
This is the BIGGEST baby shower event for expectant and new moms. There will be a bunch of top brands giving away baby stuff/samples at the event and EACH person will be walking away with a HUGE goody bag! If you never been to a baby expo, well then this is an absolute MUST, especially if you are a first time parent! There are two upcoming Biggest Baby Shower events: San Francisco (4/25/2013) and New York City (5/30/2013).

For the NYC baby shower event which I will be attending, there are three types of passes:
·       Standard Pass ($100/pp)
·       Super Pass ($135/pp) – Early admission and comes with a Beco Carrier
·       Ultimate Ticket ($375/pp) – Early admission, comes with Beco Carrier, and Britax B Agile Stroller

Prices applicable if you purchase before April 15,, 2013. Which is a better deal you would ask? Well, all three entitles you to an overflowing goodie bag of baby products to take home. I highly recommend at the very minimum spending the extra $35 for a Super Pass ($135) because you get to walk away with a Beco carrier (average retail value $120), which makes the ticket practically free if you combine with rest of the goodies you’ll get! Now if you are first time expectant parents and have not yet shopped for any baby stuff, I highly recommend the Ultimate Ticket because you get a Beco carrier and a Britax B Agile stroller! It’s a really amazing deal because together these products along with the goodie bags are worth well over $375! I wish I learned about such an event when I was pregnant with my little one. For more information and to purchase tickets, click on Hurry, tickets go fast!

The New York Baby Show (May 18 – 19, 2013)
This will be another cool event to attend. Last year they had over 100 top brands (i.e. Joovy, Britax, Chicco) that participated and over 3000 families attended. For a complete list of exhibitors this year, click on Also, there will be key speakers events to teach us about parenting and pregnancy, a kids play area, free stroller tune-up, as well as fun giveaways at the event! Tickets will be $10/single person or $20/ two adults and up to four children. You bet I’ll be there too!

List to be updated if and when I learn more of upcoming baby expo events in the tri-state area of NYC. Please drop me a note too if you plan to attend or know of any other upcoming and would like to share!

LilyRoseBee was not in anyway compensated for this review. All opinions are honest and of my own.

Reminder to NJ fans - HUGE Consignment Sales Event In Flemington, Central NJ. Today through Saturday (March 14 - 16)!

Now that spring is almost here, the season of baby and kiddie consignment sales events have begun! Earlier, I posted on my blog two very helpful websites which list baby/kiddie consignment sales by state. If you missed the blog, here it is again  You can save SO MUCH money from buying used toys, baby gears, clothes, books/dvds etc. for your children.  Parents are more than happy to get rid of their baby stuff and you can help our environment too by recycling!
If you live in the NJ area, here is a reminder that the huge Kidzsignment sale in Flemington, NJ starts today and ends this Saturday, March 16th. Everything is half priced on the last day. It’s one of NJ’s largest consignment semi-annual sales event! They will also be holding one in the NJ Expo Center on March 28 – 30th  which I can't wait to attend. Click on for details. Please share with me what you bought. Would love to know!

Secret Beauty Tips for Mommies … Baby Wipes for Makeup Removal!

Nowadays I’m just too sleep deprived and hands too tied changing diapers and feeding that I barely have time to dress up or put on makeup when going out.  Back then I refused to leave the house unless my hair was neatly curled, makeup pristine, and 4 inch heels shined. Today, for even the bare minimum, the occasion must pass through my new rigorous checklist of considerations, i.e. is it a special gathering with friends? Will we be eating in a nice restaurant? Will photos be taken by my Facebook addicted friends and posted for the world to see? Etc. etc. etc. Last weekend, I went out all day long unknowingly that my V-shaped neckline sweater was worn backwards. It didn’t dawn on me to check why my throat felt uneasy and my neck so breezy while strutting around with Poppyseed in the stroller.
As usual, I’ll come home nowadays and pass out on bed, many times with makeup still on. Finally feeling guilty about it this weekend but still too lazy to walk over to my bathroom to clean my face, I resorted to the box of Huggies baby wipes by my nightstand. Figured I give myself some credit for attempting at least. Well, lo and behold! Turns out the baby wipes not only cleaned baby tooshies, but it worked just as well to clean off the dirt and makeup off my face. Go Figure!

Creative Food Ideas For Kids!

One thing we can all agree is that food is the very basic necessity of life. Yet I’ve met a lot of adults in my lifetime that do not know how to cook. Some till this day still burn their pots and pans while boiling water, rice, and eggs. Some figured they’ll just resort to take out food or TV dinners for the rest of their life. I often wonder why these people never learned. Were they spoiled by their doting parents because dinner was always served to them, which inadvertently turned out to hinder their development? There is much truth to the famous proverb “Give a man a fish and he will eat for the day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.
Being the youngest, I was forced to do laundry and cook for the family when I turned 13. I use to call it slave Iabor while my parents called it tough love. I remember being home alone and completely terrified of turning on the stove for the very first time to cook rice. I had put on my running shoes all prepared to run in case the stove exploded. I watched intensely while the rice boiled and the sound of overspills gave me heart attacks. Somehow the pot still burned and fire alarm went off. I got yelled out by my mom for not following simple directions, but hey, the house stayed intact. Now, as a wife and mother, I know how to serve cooked food on the table for my family. Whether it taste good or bad is a different story.
One way to spark your child’s interest in cooking is making food preparation a fun and creative experience. By doing so, you are prepping them up for the very basic skills of survival. Not to mention, the sooner you teach them to cook, the sooner you relieve yourself of the responsibilities.  Below are some simple ideas I found on the web that will make cooking fun for both you and your family!
I had a fun session with my 8 year old niece who mastered cooking rice (of course under adult supervision) just so that she can decorate her dishes.  I can’t wait to try these when my little one is old enough!

Get Microsoft's 2013 Office Professional Plus for only $9.95!

This is not baby-related but REALLY too good of a deal to miss for those of you who qualify!
Microsoft’s Home Use Program is offering its 2013 Office Professional Plus package for only $9.95!
1.)    Click here
2.)    Select US region
3.)    Enter your work email address. Obtain a Microsoft program code from your employer. If not obtainable, click on “Don’t Know Program Code”. My work email alone went through without a program code!
4.)    Enter your work email address and see if you qualify. If so, an email will be sent to you. Proceed accordingly with the instructions to purchase the download.
Good luck!

L'Oreal's Heathy Look Creme Gloss Giveaway - 10,000 boxes each day!

Hey Mamas and Papas,
Now that the spits have been wiped off your shoulders, diapers have been changed, and gums cut off your hair, got time for a new hair color makeover? L’Oreal Paris USA is currently giving away 10,000 boxes of Healthy Look Crème Gloss each day. The non-permanent formula gives your natural color a boost and leaves hair shiny, soft and silky. Like the L’Oreal Paris fan page  and spin the wheel for chance to win! I scored one. Play everyday until you win. Good luck!

Save a bundle in kids consignment sales events!

Cost of living nowadays is simply skyrocketing. Want your child to have cool toys and gears without having to spend a fortune? Try shopping in organized kids consignment sales events. You’ll find GREAT DEALS on name-brand clothing, footwear, dress up, formal wear, indoor/outdoor toys, sports equipment, infant gear, nursery furniture, books/videos/DVDs, and much more! Children go through different toys so fast, before you know it, your wallet will be left high and dry trying to catch up with the latest and greatest. Why bother buying new toys (even clothes) for your child when they outgrow it so fast?

I recently attended the “Mother’s Market” charitable flea market event in New Jersey and was astounded by the amount of used toys that parents were dying to sell dirt cheap. For only $12, I got all the following in great and some even in brand new condition!

A Newfound Love...

Prior to the birth of my little angel, I was never too crazy about kids. I loved partying, wining, and dining, so the thought of being locked down by kids totally freaked me out. Back when I lived at home with my parents, my house was always a circus because my mom had a bunch of grandchildren screaming and running around. I loved all my nieces and nephew and I even spoiled them rotten. But after an hour with them, I was more than ready to check myself into an insane asylum.