Creative Food Ideas For Kids!

One thing we can all agree is that food is the very basic necessity of life. Yet I’ve met a lot of adults in my lifetime that do not know how to cook. Some till this day still burn their pots and pans while boiling water, rice, and eggs. Some figured they’ll just resort to take out food or TV dinners for the rest of their life. I often wonder why these people never learned. Were they spoiled by their doting parents because dinner was always served to them, which inadvertently turned out to hinder their development? There is much truth to the famous proverb “Give a man a fish and he will eat for the day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.
Being the youngest, I was forced to do laundry and cook for the family when I turned 13. I use to call it slave Iabor while my parents called it tough love. I remember being home alone and completely terrified of turning on the stove for the very first time to cook rice. I had put on my running shoes all prepared to run in case the stove exploded. I watched intensely while the rice boiled and the sound of overspills gave me heart attacks. Somehow the pot still burned and fire alarm went off. I got yelled out by my mom for not following simple directions, but hey, the house stayed intact. Now, as a wife and mother, I know how to serve cooked food on the table for my family. Whether it taste good or bad is a different story.
One way to spark your child’s interest in cooking is making food preparation a fun and creative experience. By doing so, you are prepping them up for the very basic skills of survival. Not to mention, the sooner you teach them to cook, the sooner you relieve yourself of the responsibilities.  Below are some simple ideas I found on the web that will make cooking fun for both you and your family!
I had a fun session with my 8 year old niece who mastered cooking rice (of course under adult supervision) just so that she can decorate her dishes.  I can’t wait to try these when my little one is old enough!


  1. These are great....what type of rice did you use to get it into the shapes you have in the photos?

    1. Hey Shane! These dishes are truly adorable aren't they? Got these pics from the web, but it's very easy to make. You can use regular rice because it naturally has a sticky substance to it. The trick is to REALLY jampack the rice into a cookie cutter or some hollow ball shape item of your choice and then decorate away! Share some pics if you ever plan to do it with your kids. Would LOVE to see!

  2. Did you have to use special sticky rice to get the rice to be shaped like this?

  3. What cute ideas! I have a 2 year old that has been really picky about eating lately - I do believe that I'm going to try some of these to see if it changes his mind about food lol. Not sure if I'm brave (patient) enough to start teaching him to cook yet, but perhaps letting my 7 year old stepdaughter into the kitchen more often will help us bond better.