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Also, LOW ENTRIES right now on the Baby Polar Gear's "The NUZZLER" Infant Car Seat Cover giveaway (Ends 4/26/2013). It is made of Polartec 200 fleece. Win for your baby or share the news with other parents!


ATTENTION NJ PARENTS! Huge Mother's Market Event This Saturday, April 20th


After Baby Comes (ABC) is holding its spring Mother’s Market event this Saturday, April 20, in the Jefferson Township Middle School in Oakridge, NJ. It’s a HUGE flea market event which used (and some new) baby and toddler toys will be sold dirt cheap and all the proceeds go back to the community! My friend went last year and said it was ENORMOUS! Check out what an awesome deal I got in my last Mother's Market visit…all for $12 only! http://tinyurl.com/ckxor4g. The flea market will take place in a school, so no need to run around different neighborhoods looking for great sales!

Nuby's Teether Tugz Review - My 3 1/2 Month Old Is Already Teething!

Nuby gave me an adorable Teether Tugz in exchange for my review.
Two month ago, I was wondering why babies needed bibs. Today, I change Poppyseed’s bib almost every 3 hours because it’s soaked with saliva. Poppyseed has been drooling up a storm lately, somehow the floodgates have opened and the ocean waves have come crashing in. I find myself tied to the bathroom sink constantly washing piles of bibs just to keep up with his drools. Five bibs, which I once thought was too many to own, have now become a scarce resource. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what’s happening, until my sister-in-law, told me Poppyseed has started teething! You can only imagine how my jaws dropped when I listened in disbelief. I barely figured out the very basics of parenting, how could Poppyseed be ALREADY teething?? I’ve been winging it every day just to survive!
After the initial shock and denial is over, and the late night sessions of Googling.. and more Googling, turns out babies can start teething as early as 3 months and some even as early as newborns. Now that probably explains why Poppyseed has been sucking on his fist ferociously even after feedings.  At one point I was worried how I was gonna keep up with his hungry belly! Not to mention, Poppyseed had been so feisty recently that I must confess that I secretly wondered if he was a devil child at times! Now how can I ever blame this poor thing who is already teething at 3 1/2 months old? Ready or not, my baby is growing up and all ready for a Nuby’s Teether Tugz toy!

Review and Giveaway of Baby Polar Gear's "The NUZZLER" Infant Car Seat Cover!

Baby Polar Gear has given me the honors to do an honest review of their popular “The NUZZLER” car seat cover!

The National Highway Safety Administration suggests that heavy and bulky clothing not be worn by babies while secured in car seat because it prevents the harness straps from being snug on baby’s shoulder. The NUZZLER, made by the Baby Polar Gear Company, helps address such concerns. It is an infant car seat cover made of TWO layers of authentic Polartec 200 fleece that protects your baby from inclement weather. It is reversible and the middle flap easily unzips from the top to the bottom for easy access. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from for the NUZZLER and you can even choose any embroidery to give it a very special and personal touch!
Being a first time mom of a winter baby, I often times bundle Poppyseed with too many layers of clothing and a snowsuit that leave him sweaty and feisty each time we leave and come home. I could barely snap the harness together without him wailing in discomfort from the heat. So we always had to dash immediately into our car with the engine already churning because only the vibration will calm him down. Coming home is again another challenge because Poppyseed never stays awake after a car ride, so we’re left with the dilemma of choosing whether to keep him asleep all bundled or be responsible parents and wake him up to remove his gazillion of layers to avoid getting sick. As we have been so sleep deprived, we leave him be even though he wakes up all sweaty. Yes, we are HORRIBLE parents!

Free Baby Stuff For Parents Of Multiples!

Are you a lucky parent of multiples?

Well, your luck just got even better with freebies or coupons from these generous companies:
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Life After Maternity Leave

So I finally survived the first week of returning back to work after 3 months of maternity leave. I won’t lie to you, it sure is HARD! I was so happily lost in Mommyville the past 3 months that the reality of being away from Poppyseed for at least 8 hours a day hit me hard like a rock. Poppyseed was constantly in the back of my mind that I could hardly focus or complete any tasks on time. On my first day back, I had already a full day’s worth of meeting scheduled ahead. I left Poppyseed under the care of my wonderful in-laws (thank God for them) and right before I stepped into my very first meeting of the day, they called to say that feisty little Poppyseed rejected the loads of breastmilk that I had stored away for months in anticipation of this day. For REAL??!! Of all the days, Poppyseed had to pick today?

Another Nuby's Tickle Toe Giveaway!

Welcome to the Nuby Tickle Toes Giveaway, April 3-12

Thanks to Nûby, My Life: A Work in Progress is hosting her first Nuby giveaway! One reader will win a Nûby Tickle Toes plush toy of his or her choice. *in stock items only

Tickle Toes Collection

Fun, soft, perfectly-shaped and sized for little hands, Tickle Toes plush toys giggle along with your little one at the squeeze of a foot! Read Elisebet's review of the Tickle Toes Monkey HERE and watch a video of the toy chuckling in action!

Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey

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