MIRA Brands Kitchen Scale Review

I always LOVE cooking new dishes and often times new recipes that I come across require specific weight measurement. I never owned a kitchen scale before to allow me to measure ingredients or portions precisely. As such, my meals never came out just quite right. When MIRA Brand approached me to do a product review of their digital MIRA Glass Platform Kitchen Scale, of course I couldn't refuse. I was so thrilled at the possibility that my food might finally taste really good!


About MIRA Kitchen Scale

  • Manufacturer:                  Coheso
  • Product Dimension:         7 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Weight:                            1.7lbs
  • Material:                           Glass Platform
  • Display Measurement:     Grams, pounds, or ounces
  • Special Features:             TARE function ignores plates and dishes, weighing only the food inside. Measures food up to 11lbs/5kgs.Uses lithium battery (included). 2 year manufacturer warranty.

My Thoughts
The MIRA kitchen scale is quite impressive. It is large enough to weigh bowls and plates but sleek and compact enough to store away without much space being wasted. The design is very modern, sturdy, and the smooth glass platform made it very easy to clean. The two buttons - one to turn on/off/zero the scale and the other to change the metric system from lbs, grams, to ounces made it an easy scale to use and flexible to all sorts of measurements needs. The display on the digital screen is large and clear, however, I do recommend adding a backlighting feature to lit up the measurements. The digital screen also turns off automatically after inactivity. What I favor most is the TARE feature that allows me to get accurate measure of the food portions by factoring out the bowl/plates used. Price is reasonable as well as it is sold for $25 at Amazon. Overall, it is a scale of great quality and design! For more details, check out Mira Brand.

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  1. this would be great for my father to weigh his food..he's on a diet.