Brightstart's Having a Ball Hide 'N Spin Monkey Review - A MUST HAVE!

I am so happy to be selected by Brightstart to test the Hide ‘N Spin Monkey toy with little Poppyseed. Poppyseed was super thrilled when the big box arrived in mail because the packaging of the toy is so colorful and the monkey is absolutely adorable!

I tried to hold off the toy until after dinner because I knew I would not be able to get little Poppyseed's attention back after, but had to quickly submit because he kept jumping and banging on the box like a little monster to break it open to play immediately. Little Poppyseed was instantly mesmerized by the adorable monkey and the colorful balls that it came with. It was a quite a struggle to pry it out of his arms to assemble the base, which turned out to be very easy and self-explanatory. As soon as the different lights turned on and monkey squeaked, little Poppyseed laughed and clapped his hand in anticipation of what’s further to come!

Poppyseed LOVED grabbing the balls and quickly learned how to toss it into the monkey’s hat. He laughed up a storm and applauded each time the monkey dipped into its barrel and all the balls dropped out of the spinning wheel. He even learned to mimic the monkey’s squeaking! It then became a race for him to try to toss as many balls as fast as possible to get the monkey to drop. He even tried to be slick by collecting all the balls with both arms and little fingers at once to load just to see the monkey drop immediately.Sure enough dinner for him was much delayed that night!

Considering toys are very expensive nowadays, I only invest in those that are educational or developmental. I really like this toy because it helped my baby develop his coordination/motor skills, peaked his interest with the different colored lights, increase his response time, and understand patterns of how a toy worked , i.e. fill the barrel up with balls in order for the monkey to drop and release.

I highly recommend this adorable toy to any parents. It sure is a load of fun and well worth it for the joy it brings!

Thank you Brightstart for giving my baby loads of laugh!

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