Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Doll Review

I received the Mooshka Goodnight Starlight - Tessa doll from MGAE for review.

This doll lights up and plays a very sweet and gentle melody of the classic "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" when both her hands are pressed or crossed. She is very lightweight and a great doll to hold to sleep. She quickly became my 2 year old niece's favorite doll to bring to sleep because the music is so soothing. The traditional nightgown on the doll gives a nostalgic feel of the dolls I once grew up with. What I like especially about this doll is that she comes from a large collection of other Mooshka doll, each with her own song and personality!

Three suggestions for improvement in my opinion:
1.) It was a bit challenging for my 2 year old niece, though she ingest much spinach, to press both hands at the same time to play music.

2.) The doll played only one song. It would've been great if she played a variety of sweet gentle melodies. My niece had to repeatedly uncross both hands to restart the music.

3.) This doll did not have long hair, which I personally like on all my dolls to groom.

Overall, nice doll to own. Retails for around $29.