Ashley Furniture - Hope to Dream Foundation - Free mattress and bedding set!

Hello readers,

It's been quite awhile since I've last posted. My hands have been so very tide up with my 2nd son born in late 2014 and now expecting another boy this coming September. Anyhow, between juggling two vivacious rascals under the age of 3, pregnancy, and being a full time working mom, I've limited my post to only those that is absolutely worthwhile for sharing and this one below is a MUST! Being a parent has changed me completely and anything that benefits kids is worth my time to spare. 

Just learned about the Ashley Furniture Hope to Dream Foundation which gives away a free twin mattresss and bedding set to underprivileged kids 3- 16 year old. Please take some time and apply for underprivileged kids that you know.  There are so many out there that grow up with unfortunate upbringings and it's very sad because often times it is out of their control and they truly are so pure and innocent. Will take only a few minutes of your time to make a world of a difference in a children's life. 

Click HERE to apply. 

Good luck! Big kudos to Ashley Furniture for such a wonderful and caring program!